Ye Baburao ki seat hai re baba…

Baburao Ganpatrao Apte, HERA PHERI’s drunkard with a good heart, is all set to create HUNGAMA in the political world. But tread cautiously Mr Rawal as liquor is banned in Gujarat. Had it not been a dry state, Bollywood’s funnyman could have campaigned with this slogan — ‘Din ki shuruwat NaMo chai se kijiye aur  din ka anth Baburao ki DARU se’.

While in reel life, OH MY GOD’s Kanjibhai challenged the almighty, the offscreen Rawal swears by the controversial chant ‘NaMo’. He debuted with the film Holi in 1984 and exactly after 30 years, he’s ready to play aankh micHOLI with netas. But will this “ATITHI” stay put and do justice to his new avatar, only janata will tell.

One word of advice to the BJP candidate from Ahmedabad East — Paresh ji, start using the black telephone from your cult comedy Hera Pheri because KALA PHONE AAP KE LIYE LUCKY HAI.

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