This time to tame the BEAR by taming the Chinese DRAGON

Close on the heels of the Government lifting the ban on BULL taming sport, #Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu, BEARS have raised their ugly heads on Mumbai’s Dalal street. BekaarNews suggests there is a temporary way to tame the BEARS in Mumbai’s Dalal Street. On the other hand BekaarNews analyses how the Government lifting the ban on BULL taming sport can have a long term consequences of Taming the Chinese DRAGON itself that is the source of BEAR. The temporary solution for the current BEARish market : It’s a classic case that requires the TAMERS of Chennai to board the Chennai Express to Mumbai. Chennai Tamers can then train the TRADERS of Mumbai on how to take down the BEAR, like how they take down the BULL in south. Unlike the traders in Mumbai who have no clue about the wobbly trajectory of BEARs running on Dalal Street, the tamers in Chennai have some control on the course of BULLs running amok. Tamers of Chennai are also more adept in taming the BULL, compared to the traders in Mumbai where the BEAR has triggered a bloodbath. By helping the Mumbai Traders, Chennai Tamers can also earn some MOOLAH and buy few gifts for their “MOO Bola” bhai back in TN. Now, the long term solution : How Government of India wants to Tame the Chinese DRAGON? The bloodbath seen these days in Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) was a result of Chinese DRAGONS spitting fire on global equity market. As a result many Asian equity markets are in RED. But Chinese DRAGONS should better know that Chennai’s BULLS can’t withstand RED. Chennai’s BULLs can be in China’s shop and can ram into them. Beware! Chinese DRAGONS, don’t you dare show BSE’s Sensex as “RED” to our Chennai’s BULLS. RED makes their blood boil. Unleashing Chennai’s BULLS by lifting the ban on Jallikattu, Modi Government made a clever move of directly taming the DRAGONS in China. The more the DRAGONS cause our Sensex to be in RED, the more likely the Chennai’s BULLS will be goaded to take down the DRAGONS.

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