Nawaz Sharif’s birthday – Modi forgot to have a BALLOON Blast

Defence minister Manohar Parrikar confirmed that the balloons that were shot by IAF fighter planes, have come from Pakistan. Media reports tell us that the balloons might have been used as a decoy or might have been used as dry run for something bigger. Some even say that balloons were… Read More →

Why modi won’t settle for no. 2

Modi may hold up his TWO fingers to signal victory whichever part of the country he traverses, but the number TWO seems to be troubling him. Bekaar News tells you why * TWO people, Kejriwal and Sonia, are making things difficult for him. * He is married but he and… Read More →

Lalu’s paani kam chai

Now that Lalu Prasad Yadav claims to have been a tea seller in his childhood, Modi is in for some tough competition. Modi ji, be careful because Lalu ji already has FODDER to feed cows and get better milk (varieties like goat milk, buffalo milk too) for his chai. Only… Read More →

Modi : don’t vote 4 Khooni-Panja.

Manmohan, the most powerful sikh in the world : “Dhai kilo ki HAATH” Congress ki Saath.… Read More →

Recent rallies in CHHATTIS-GARH Modi, Manmohan ka CHHATTIS ka aankra

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Terror bombs and Sex bomb!!!

Serial bomb blasts–albeit of a different nature–rocked the cities of Patna and Mumbai, threatening to assassinate netas’ political CAREERS. Hours after the Patna blasts (just before Modi’s speech), a ‘Sex Bomb’ caused ripples in the ruling Congress, in Mumbai. While the bomb squad rushed to the scene of crime in… Read More →

If Rahul was Modi and Narendra was Gandhi then just imagine the mess!!!

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