Modi launched BUS service from Delhi to Kathmandu. Looks like this Bus will get back all the Black Money from abroad.

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Looks like PM Modi wanted to see REAL ROCKET launchers on Diwali. He spend Diwali with Army personnels.

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netadom in the animal world

Imagine our netas lived in the animal kingdom. Then verbal bombs would be replaced by real brickbats. In a country where fisticuffs and pepper spray mark the tabling of a Bill, the scenario is not difficult to picture. Violence and hooliganism aside, India’s netas bear some other traits of animals… Read More →

“jinnah” yahan, marna yahan

After Giriraj Singh’s remarks, Modi should start a bus service called Delhi-Lahore Part 2,  taking a cue from Vajpayee. If Modi detractors actually made a beeline for Pakistan, Advani would be the first person in the row. After all, Karachi is Advani’s birthplace. And a decade ago, the BJP stalwart… Read More →

modi and jashodaben’s story, unsung version of baghban?

It may not occur to Modi, but circumstantially the movie BAGHBAN bears a resemblence to his life, as far as his BHAGYAWAN is concerned. In the tear-jerker, Amitabh and Hema parted for the sake of their children and their sacrifice was instrumental behind Amitabh’s success (as a writer). Incidentally, Amitabh… Read More →

To get the votes of members of LIONS CLUBS of UP, Modi apparently portrayed himself as a LION from Gujarat, is it?

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Kaun banega lootera No. 1

There’s not much difference between a criminal and a neta: one loots NOTES and the other loots VOTES. While chors loot BANKS, netas loot VOTE BANKS. There are myriad adjectives that define India’s political looteras: Dynastic- Rahul, Vikaspurush- Modi, Comic- Lalu, Amateur- Kejriwal, Young- Akhilesh, Old- Advani, Beautiful- Dream girl… Read More →

Safe seat and hot seat

Modi to Advani: Neither will you get the SAFE seat nor the HOT seat… Read More →

Modi distributed NaMo Fish in Tamil Nadu. What will he distribute if he campaigns in SONAGACHI? NaMo Nirodh!!!

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Chai wallah vs daru wallah

With the saffron Lotus in full BLOOM, the Congress hand seems to be headed for DOOM. BJP is clearly riding on the Modi wave and if Congress wants to make some DHOOM before the LS elections, it should rope in Vijay Mallya as its Prime Ministerial candidate. Absurd as it… Read More →