railway minister’s son is on the run, time for high speed rail

Now, trains will be on time, pantry cars will serve fresh food, toilets will be clean and the IRCTC website will run smoothly. Railway minister Sadananda Gowda will ensure that everything is up to mark.

Why? Because his son Karthik who’s absconding may be in one of the trains, or trying to book a ticket or hiding in a train toilet. Since he’s trying to escape from police’s clutches, he can’t afford to be on a train which runs behind schedule. Indian Railways and IRCTC will also have to shed their slackness at this critical juncture, esp, when the Minister’s son himself is on the RUN.

Police have issued a lookout notice against Karthik and alerted all airports, and RAILWAY Stations and bus stations across Karnataka. Karthik is on the run after being accused of rape by a Kannada actress, and may be hiding in one of the trains.

Sadananda Gowda can also ask PM Narendra Modi to share his Japan experience with him, which may help his son win the race against time. Since Japan’s trains are known for a marginal delay of seven seconds annually, Gowda can adopt their technique to ensure the punctuality of Indian trains.

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