Onion-the hot potato

Roti and pyaz have occupied the same thali since time immemorial. Roti has tolerated pyaz even despite its stink. But the long and happy marriage is on the brink of divorce with onions acting pricier by the day.

‘Roti/Chaawal khao, pyaz bhool jao’, seems to be the new mantra of our government. At a time when onion prices are touching Rs 100 per kg, it has ambitious plans of supplying wheat and rice at Rs2 and R3 per kg, and even free in some states. Talk of food security!!

Soaring onion prices have raised eyebrows and extracted tears from the eyes of all and sundry. However, the nature of tears varies. While netas are shedding crocodile tears, the Aam Aadmi’s eyes are brimming with real tears and hoarders are crying khusi ke aansoo. Is the price rise a subtle way to compensate the recently passed food security bill, with an expenditure of 1.25 to 1.5 trillion rupees, or is it just nasty vote bank politics?

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