modi and jashodaben’s story, unsung version of baghban?

It may not occur to Modi, but circumstantially the movie BAGHBAN bears a resemblence to his life, as far as his BHAGYAWAN is concerned.

In the tear-jerker, Amitabh and Hema parted for the sake of their children and their sacrifice was instrumental behind Amitabh’s success (as a writer). Incidentally, Amitabh is the brand ambassador for Gujarat tourism and Hema is an active BJP politician.

In real life, Modi and his wife Jashodaben went separate ways because the former wanted to join the RSS. If Modi had a vision then even his wife didn’t while away her time. She got an education and became a teacher, as Modi wanted, and their sacrifice has made Modi the man he is today.

Like the movie, will Modi walk the red carpet and publicly admit that his wife is an important part of his life? Or will Jashodaben continue to live an anonymous life?

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