Man vs mosquito: Insects strike back

When it comes to their children, parents would even wage a war. Mosquitoes are no exception. A couple of years ago, humans modified the gene structure of mosquitoes to stop their offspring from reaching maturity. Mosquitoes have struck back with vengeance. Their motto — you attacked our children, now we won’t spare yours. Their weapon — the Zika virus, which is shrinking the brains of unborn human babies.

Zika is mosquitoes’ revenge for their dead offspring

It began with scientists at British biotech company Oxitec modifying the male Aedes mosquito and giving it a self-destructive gene. When these mosquitoes mated with females, they passed on the gene to their offspring, who in turn died before reaching adulthood. In a similar counter-attack, mosquitoes are trying to ensure human babies meet the same fate. The lethal Zika virus can cause early deaths of kids with under-developed brains.

Just like humans injected male mosquitoes with a deadly gene which then got transferred to females via mating, mosquitoes are now passing on the Zika virus to human females via sexual intercourse.

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