Lotus a friend or foe of Modi?

The serial bomb blasts in Patna would be of both interest and concern for BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi. While he has expressed his condolence after the tragedy, he should also ponder over this– that in terms of dependence even terror group Indian Mujahideen counts on Gujarat to set their ‘timing’ right.

In Madhya Pradesh, Congress believes that lotus flowers blooming in ponds can induce people to vote, but in Patna, the ‘Lotus’ (also a symbol of BJP) brand of watches from Gujarat have created havoc. Indian Mujahideen used watches from Gujarat as timers in bombs with the code name Machhli 5. However, their timing went wrong.

A nagging question that would be running in Modi’s mind is whether ‘Lotus’ is a friend or foe. It is also worth questioning the management of Lotus watches about the quality of its watches, especially in the light of the ‘timing’ of the suspects going wrong.

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