Lessons Kejriwal could’ve learnt from Dravid

He came to the crease armed with a broom, played a couple of sweep shots but lost his wicket in a jiffy. Had former Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal learnt something from Cricket’s Wall Rahul Dravid, his 7-week innings could have lasted 7 years or more. Bekaar News lists some attributes that could have earned Kejriwal the title WALL of politics.

DEFENCE: Think defence, think Dravid. Dravid’s gameplan was to frustrate the opposition by wearing them down and hitting only the loose balls. But Kejriwal wanted to hit every ball. Within few days of assuming power, he delivered his bijli and paani promises. The effort was laudable, but Kejriwal’s strategy of achieving it all in a short span of time didn’t work.

PATIENCE: If defence is the child, patience is the parent. Dravid displayed oodles of patience when he stuck to the crease without scoring runs. But Kejriwal was a CM in a hurry. He was in a hurry to get control of Delhi Police, in a hurry to get the Jan Lokpal Bill passed and in a hurry to step down. Instead, he should have taken his time to build a solid political innings.

TECHNIQUE: While Dravid mastered the technique over years, Kejriwal was a first-time champ on the political pitch. While Dravid played by the rules, Kejriwal threw the rulebook out of the window.

If Kejriwal wants to come back in the game he needs to stop playing test cricket (read politics) like T-20. That’s what Dravid would advise him to do.

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