Google, Tesla can rope-in Salman Khan for their driverless cars.

If Google and Tesla are looking for a brand ambassador for their self-drive cars, Bekaar News has the perfect person in mind — Salman Khan. Finally, drinking and driving won’t be a problem for controversy’s favourite child. And guess which song will be playing while Sallu bhai takes the car for a spin: Hamka peeni hai, peeni hai, humka peeni hai.

In fact, the two companies will fight tooth and nail for Salman as he has ample experience with ‘driverless’ cars. The experience dates back to the 2002 hit-and-run case, in which he claims he was not at the wheel.

After court acquitted Salman, media was questioning who was driving the car? Actually it was a driverless car either from Tesla or Google.
With auto-pilot cars on the road, traffic cops won’t be a problem anymore and bribes will become a thing of the past. Even parking, which a bane at present, will become a breeze.