Cricket–a monkey’s game?

Gentlemen evolved from monkeys

And now, the gentleman’s game has evolved into a monkey’s game

Cricket, once esteemed as the gentleman’s game, has lost it’s coveted title. Because of whom? A bunch of cricketers monkeying around, both on and off the field. Numerous incidents of hooliganism down the years have dented the game’s image. Bekaar News gives you a peek into the monkey business.

- The first issue that comes to mind is the Monkeygate scandal– the Harbhajan Singh-Andrew Symonds racism exchange which even finds a mention in the memoirs of senior cricketers

- Let’s come to another issue that has been haunting the nation since the IPL format was launched. Spot fixing. Clever like monkeys, more and more players are involved in match fixing these days. They have also been switching IPL teams, in the same manner that monkeys jump from one branch to another.

- Another instance of monkey behaviour came to light during the Ashes series when cricketers from the England team urinated on the Oval pitch.

- Like new medicines are tested on monkeys, new brands are endorsed by our monkey men.

- Former South African Indian cricketer Moosa Mangera was nicknamed ‘monkey’ because of his speed and agility.

-Sledging is not an act of GEN-TLE-men (as we read it Gene-Tail); gene of a tail-ended species has given rise to the monkey game

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