China’s silk road a tribute to India’s Silk Smitha

While India has roads named after its leaders (example Mahatma Gandhi Road), our neighbour China is trying to pay a tribute to India’s yesteryear’s Item girl, SILK SMITHA, through a road.

Though Aamir Khan starer PK racked up Rs 100 crore in China, but nobody knows that even Vidya Balan’s Dirty Picture is a big hit in that country. So much so that the Chinese government is now trying to tower over India and show us that Chinese have a much greater respect for Silk and they are paying a tribute to her by constructing both a Land based SILK road and an Oceangoing Maritime SILK Road.
Though Silk was born in India, China’s attempt to own her through a “Made in China” road project will peeve India. While the previous NDA govt of India had put up huge hoardings of Atal Bihari Vajpayee during the construction of Golden Quadrilateral road, it is yet to be seen whether China will attempt to put up huge hoardings of SILK SMITHA across the SILK Road.
Vidya Balan’s advice to India’s strategic think tank : Don’t get apprehensive about SILK road. Just tell China – Don’t Do Dirty Politics over Dirty Picture.


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