Chai wallah vs daru wallah

With the saffron Lotus in full BLOOM, the Congress hand seems to be headed for DOOM. BJP is clearly riding on the Modi wave and if Congress wants to make some DHOOM before the LS elections, it should rope in Vijay Mallya as its Prime Ministerial candidate.

Absurd as it may sound, the suggestion has an explanation. If chai wallahs are supporting Modi, who better to back Mallya than daru wallahs. If for a majority of people the day starts with chai, for many it ends with daru. Tea wakes up a man, helping him recall his worries and whiskey helps him forget them. Cashing in on this, Mallya can lap up enough votes to match Modi’s stature.

In fact, he can give Modi a run for his money if the battleground is Gujarat. Poll promises of bringing back alcohol to the dry state would surely give the daru wallah an edge over the chai wallah.

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