BJP- Bappi’s disco; Congress- Dard-e-Disco

In an era of remixes, Disco King Bappi Lahiri has decided to retune his own life. The veteran music director who was on board the Congress express in 2004, has now hopped on to the BJP bandwagon.

At a time when the AAP wave is sweeping the country (literally — broom being their symbol), Bappi da has chosen to join the BJP. It’s not hard to fathom why. Because old is gold. And who better to know the value of the precious metal than the Golden man of Bollywood. It’s difficult to imagine someone who flaunts so much jewellery to associate with the aam aadmi. Austerity does’t seem to be one of his virtues.

In 2004, Lahiri had joined the Congress and even dedicated a song to party president Sonia Gandhi, calling her ‘mother’. Ten years later, he’s got BJP humming ‘Bambai Se Aaya Mera Dost’.What remains to be seen is whether Bappi’s presence will mean ‘It’s the time to disco’ or ‘Dard-e-disco’ for the saffron party.

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