About Us

Bekaar News lies somewhere in between real news and fake news. We have inherited features like strong criticism from newspapers and satire/humour from websites focused on imaginary stories.

Intellectual satire based on facts, and not lies, forms the core of our content. Headlines can come across as fake, but trust Bekaar News, the story will be thought-provoking, linked coherently with facts, humour and logic. We’ll also collect stories from across the world and give them a satirical twist.

In this day and age, news and views are often found to be overlapping. Most of our posts will not quote anybody — so they can fall in either category– news or views. Bekaar News wants the reader to read between the logic and not lines.


Breaking news excites or shocks you. It can even give you the jitters, thereby increasing your blood pressure. Bekaar News de-stresses you. It soothes your nerves, lightens your mood and makes you chuckle, to make you hale and hearty.

It keeps boredom away from the boardroom,
Gives you a small break in the study room,
Breathes more life into the living room


Disclaimer :

The content is only humorous in nature. It is not meant to malign anybody’s character nor hurt feelings.