No Anand in lives of Viswanathan Anand and SadANAND Gowda

Both Viswananthan ANAND and SAD-ANAND Gowda are SAD. While the former lost a game of SHATRANJ, the latter lost a game of political SHATRANJ.Anand suffered a defeat at the hands of Magnus Carlsen in the World Chess Championship. On the same day, Gowda was shifted from the railway ministry (making… Read More →

What has Modi taken from others.

PM Modi seems to be a true believer of UNITY in diversity. No wonder, he has adopted, rather hijacked different things from different political parties. BekaarNews gives you a break-up:Congress: From the grand old party, Modi has taken Sardar Patel, and has dedicated the Run For UNITY to the leader. He’s… Read More →

Why India and Israel can have strong ties? Because our PM is Twitter friendly and Israeli PM is Yahoo friendly. They are already webbed (Internet savvy)

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spice jet aircraft hit a buffalo on the runway at surat airport. oh teri “bhains ki aankh.”

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The “sach of bharat.” Delhi BJP threw garbage before posing for cameras to promote swachh bharat.

The “sach of bharat.” Delhi BJP threw garbage before posing for cameras to promote swachh bharat.… Read More →

ghana province chief had an eye surgery in ahmedabad(dry city). without liquor he might have felt like maa ki aankh

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virat kohli should visit ayodhya- shri ram’s janmabhoomi, on his birthday. Because by ram’s blessings he got his seeta (anuska sharma) which is also her janmabhoomi!!!

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did greg chappell remove his chappals when he visited the house of god of cricket?

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hope we find all sach-in sachin’s autobiography

hope we find all sach-in sachin’s autobiography… Read More →

how can India, the sone ki chidiya (golden bird) fly high, when right wing politics is more dominant than left wing politics?

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