After the debacle, Team India need N Srinivasan back as BCCI chief Who better than the India CEMENTS owner to CEMENT their innings

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LION wins the race against TIGER SINGHam Returns beats Ek Tha TIGER in first-day collections

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varun aaron- the new bouncer

Few days back England bowler Stuart Broad was spooked by ghosts. Now it seems he is scared of this BOUNCER. Varun Aaron’s bouncer blew Stuart Broad’s nose.… Read More →

sachin about to cross the laxman rekha

Sachin never raised his voice, but by being absent in Rajya Sabha he’s giving others, esp MPs, a chance to do so. The batting maestro never missed Practice sessions, now he’s missing Parliament sessions. He cleared innumerable boundaries on field, will he cross the Parliament’s Lakshman Rekha by being absent… Read More →

the duck tales of indian cricket

MS Dhoni is the Uncle Scrooge of the Indian cricket team. Why? He’s surrounded by ducks, duh. He leads a squad which became the fourth team to have scored 6 ducks in an innings. That’s not all. There’s a lot in common between Captain Cool and the cartoon character. Bekaar… Read More →

for sonia, one book is not enough

Natwar Singh: WRITING BOOK, Sonia Gandhi: Busy setting Herald’s account BOOK RIGHT.Before she gets down to writing her autobiography to counter Natwar Singh, Sonia Gandhi should set National Herald’s account BOOK RIGHT.  While Natwar is into BOOK WRITING, Sonia has gone one step ahead– she’s into both BOOK WRITING and… Read More →

after up assi seats, now tension over upsc

Mulayam : I am bothered about UPSC.Akhilesh : Don’t be Dad. First focus on the 80 seats of UP for next election.Mulayam : Arey Beta Wohi toh Kar Raha Hoon. UP अस्सी seats.Akhilesh : Thank god. Otherwise, I’ll have to quit and prepare for UPSC.… Read More →

lajja 2- the commonwealth shame by taslima nasreen

Now that she’s got a residential visa, Taslima Nasreen can spend her time in India writing a sequel to her book LAJJA. What’ll it be about? The SHAME brought to the country by the two Indian officials who’ve been arrested for alleged assault in Glasglow. But the protagonist will be… Read More →

jaddu ke sapne mein aya an-darshan

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CBI arrested the CMD of #syndicatebank, S K Jain for taking bribe. Looks like, Jain took the literal meaning of “SYNDICATE” seriously

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