foreign degrees for smriti irani

Congress leaders beware! Smriti Irani is all set to get her foreign degrees. Narendra Modi can take a cue from the Goa CM and send HRD minister Smriti Irani on a STUDY tour abroad. While the Goa MLAs are heading to Brazil to catch footballers kick some ass, Irani should… Read More →

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namo-l: the taste of tharoor

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boss goes on a holiday

Now that BOSS has taken a HOLIDAY, it’s time for all you employees to step out from your workplace and enjoy your weekend off BOSS bombed at the box OFFICE. So BOSS Akshay Kumar decided to take a break from OFFICE and go on a HOLIDAY. After stepping into the shoes of… Read More →

kcr- telangana’s cashier

TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao has given TEARS to the Telugu people and because of his catalytic politics, he has fathered the 29th state of India. We know that Rao has mastered the art of protesting and holding strikes, but a state needs a ruler who is smart, experienced and… Read More →

rip shri gopinath munde

Sun Dil ki Dastan-E-Bande, The Woh Kabil, Nahi Ish Mein Koi Sandhe, Kiya Tha Tarakki Ka Wada, Kar Gaye Khusiyon Ko Aadha, Umeedein Thi Unse Saab Ko, Bhrastachar Se Mukt Karenge Desh Ko, Bas Unko Hi Ab Nigahen Dhunde, Rahenge Hamesha Dilo Mein Munde.  … Read More →

is k chandrasekhar rao the nehru of telangana?

If Nehru’s critics say that he’s responsible for the partition of India, the rivals of TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao may not be wrong in thinking that KCR is the architect of AP’s division.  Rao took oath as the FIRST Chief Minister of Telangana; Nehru was the FIRST PM of India.… Read More →

modi and his women army

It seems PM Narendra Modi wants his fellow countrymen to remember the contribution of women in India’s freedom struggle. No wonder that he has given plum portfolios to Sushma SWARAJ, Uma BHARTI, Smriti I-RANI and Maneka GANDHI.SWARAJ means Indian independence from British domination. External affairs minister Sushma SWARAJ should live… Read More →

modi’s mehmaan nawaz-ji

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