Modi- the lion and his BLOOD bank

Narendra Modi is sprucing up his image by joining the LIONS CLUB in UP, the state where SP leader Mulayam Singh Yadav had alleged that the Gujarat CM has Blood on his hands, an apparent reference to his role in the 2002 riots. Yesterday, Modi made a tacit reference of… Read More →

Kaun banega lootera No. 1

There’s not much difference between a criminal and a neta: one loots NOTES and the other loots VOTES. While chors loot BANKS, netas loot VOTE BANKS. There are myriad adjectives that define India’s political looteras: Dynastic- Rahul, Vikaspurush- Modi, Comic- Lalu, Amateur- Kejriwal, Young- Akhilesh, Old- Advani, Beautiful- Dream girl… Read More →