Lessons Kejriwal could’ve learnt from Dravid

He came to the crease armed with a broom, played a couple of sweep shots but lost his wicket in a jiffy. Had former Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal learnt something from Cricket’s Wall Rahul Dravid, his 7-week innings could have lasted 7 years or more. Bekaar News lists some… Read More →

Pepper Khichdi

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Political jugalbandhi

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India Cement- building a strong home team

Have the series of debacles overseas made you wonder why Men in Blue can play only in India? Don’t rack your brains, Bekaar News has the answer. Why the Indian cricket team does wonders only at HOME is because it is headed by N Srinivasan, who also owns India Cement… Read More →

Chai wallah vs daru wallah

With the saffron Lotus in full BLOOM, the Congress hand seems to be headed for DOOM. BJP is clearly riding on the Modi wave and if Congress wants to make some DHOOM before the LS elections, it should rope in Vijay Mallya as its Prime Ministerial candidate. Absurd as it… Read More →