Chandrababu Naidu-La

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BJP- Bappi’s disco; Congress- Dard-e-Disco

In an era of remixes, Disco King Bappi Lahiri has decided to retune his own life. The veteran music director who was on board the Congress express in 2004, has now hopped on to the BJP bandwagon. At a time when the AAP wave is sweeping the country (literally —… Read More →

Amma and Madhuri

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BCCI comes to team India’s rescue

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Advani on his way to Rajya Sabha

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Aap, Hum aur chai

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Kejriwal- King in the garb of Aam Aadmi

He may be an Aam Aadmi at heart, but Arvind Kejriwal seems to be an avatar of ancient India’s emperors. Bekaar News tells you why the man on the CM’s gaddi has what it takes to be a king. Even before taking oath as chief minister, Kejriwal refused security and… Read More →

Kejriwal’s open air government

Doc to Kejriwal : You have chronic cough, Take some Fresh Air. Kejriwal : Ok, we will have OPEN-AIR govt for Next 10 days from protest venue…… Read More →

Sheila vs Kejriwal

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Harry Potter and India’s own Kejri puttar

If the Hollywood flick Harry Potter would be remade with Indian politics as the subject, Arvind Kejriwal will be the apt choice for the protagonist. Just like Potter, even Arvind sports glasses and is armed with a broom, although a shorter one. Both have earned respect and popularity in no… Read More →