Why Rahul Gandhi should learn from Rahul Dravid

Rahul Gandhi, the defending champion in the 2013 Rajasthan election series, can take defense lessons from cricket’s Wall Rahul Dravid. Last time, Congress emerged as the winner in Rajasthan polls. Rahul Gandhi is their present captain, who is under constant attack by BJP. Rahul Dravid till now has been the… Read More →

God and Chet-Eshwar Pujara

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Why Sachin owes it to Chacha Nehru?

If HISTORY had been different, HIS-STORY would have been different… The heartthrob of a billion, Sachin Tendulkar, wouldn’t have attained the title of God, had it not been for the Congress party — Sonia Gandhi can claim. Why? Bekaar News connects the dots for you. If Nehru hadn’t supported partition,… Read More →