Chess, a Queen’s game or a game for King?

Only in a game of Chess a Woman (Queen) takes care of a (King) but in real life its always a King who has given his life and built monuments!!!… Read More →

What is Food Inflation?

It is a Masive ‘weight loss’ program of all the state govt and union govt. Lose 5 Kg in just 30 days without any workout.… Read More →

Pre Election – Post Election

Pre Election: Many parties fighting over COAL Post Election: Same parties will form COAL-ition..… Read More →

Why talks with US will benefit Iran?

We can see the dawn of a new Era-n..… Read More →

Does West want to bomb Iran to end a disputed Era-n?

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If Rahul was Modi and Narendra was Gandhi then just imagine the mess!!!

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Chota Shakeel warns Ram Gopal Varma.

Now a million dollar question to Ramu – Darna Mana Hai or Darna Zaroori Hai?… Read More →

Is liquor a solution?

If liquor is a solution to all the problems then Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher airlines would boom!!!… Read More →

Future of MLAs of Congress and BJP is DARK in Andhra

Its ANDHERA Pradesh 4 them, whose central leaders supported Telangana.… Read More →

Height of manipulation:

National flower- Lotus. National ruling party- Congress.… Read More →