Terror bombs and Sex bomb!!!

Serial bomb blasts–albeit of a different nature–rocked the cities of Patna and Mumbai, threatening to assassinate netas’ political CAREERS. Hours after the Patna blasts (just before Modi’s speech), a ‘Sex Bomb’ caused ripples in the ruling Congress, in Mumbai. While the bomb squad rushed to the scene of crime in… Read More →

Australian captain George Bailey’s discovery in India:

Why Indians are happy despite sleeping hungry? Australian cricket team’s Indian tour coincided with the hue and cry against rising onion prices. The captain of the Australian team, George Bailey, may not have understood the importance of onions in the Indian diet, but he would have definitely got an idea… Read More →

Shibulal’s Infy 3.0 version or Infy at No.3 position?

Infosys’ much famous strategy – Infosys 3.0 has reached its goal under its present CEO. The goal it “SEEMS” was to put the company at “No.3″ positon and give way to Cognizant for the No.2 position. In the pantheon of top three India-based delivery model IT companies – TCS, Infosys… Read More →

Feku can baffle US’ NSA

Narendra Modi would be a good choice for PM as far as India’s foreign policy is concerned. No, not because of his aggression. The answer lies in his nickname coined by Twiterrati and Congress followers–FEKU. The secrecy of India’s foreign affairs would be maintained if NaMo comes to power. Under… Read More →

US’snooping: Why EVES are fuming more than ADAMS

US’ EAVESdropping may have bothered its allies across the world but the EVES, Germany’s Angela Merkel, Brazil’s Dilma Rouseff and Argentina’s Kirchner, seem to be the most infuriated. Bekaar News tells you why women leaders are more angry with Big Brother as compared to their male counterparts. The word ‘Eavesdropping’… Read More →

Amul gets the taste of India’s petty politics!

Steps taken towards uniting the Amul board may sow the seeds of a ‘National Unity government’ formed by both BJP and Congress, including top leaders like Modi and Rahul. Who gets the PM’s post can be decided later…. Can the Amul girl unite the company’s board members? After all, she… Read More →

Amul Butter

Utterly butterly… Read More →

Gauhati HC says CBI is Un-Constitutional Bureau of India (UCBI).

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Heavy criticism of CBI. The govt should change its name to FBI : Fed-up Bureau of India.

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Why did Eden give an Early farewell to Sachin?

We always had a doubt that city of joy prefers the Prince of Kolkata to God of cricket.… Read More →