Cricket–a monkey’s game?

Gentlemen evolved from monkeys And now, the gentleman’s game has evolved into a monkey’s game Cricket, once esteemed as the gentleman’s game, has lost it’s coveted title. Because of whom? A bunch of cricketers monkeying around, both on and off the field. Numerous incidents of hooliganism down the years have… Read More →

Onion-the hot potato

Roti and pyaz have occupied the same thali since time immemorial. Roti has tolerated pyaz even despite its stink. But the long and happy marriage is on the brink of divorce with onions acting pricier by the day. ‘Roti/Chaawal khao, pyaz bhool jao’, seems to be the new mantra of… Read More →

Pre Election – Post Election

Pre Election: Many parties fighting over COAL Post Election: Same parties will form COAL-ition..… Read More →

“Har kisi ko nahi milta yaha ‘PYAJ’ zindagi mein!!!”

When I listen to the song, “Har kisi ko nahi milta yaha PYAR zindagi mein” I karaoke, “Har kisi ko nahi milta yaha ‘PYAJ’ zindagi mein!!!” – Aam admi… Read More →

Egyptians – UNEASY-ptians

Egyptians are feeling anxious about their future.  The country of UNEASY-ptians… Read More →